Trendspotting: Fishnets

Hey guys! It’s time for another trend post. I love doing posts like these because I love keeping up with fashion and making an excuse to browse Pinterest! This is a trend that I think became really popular on Instagram, but they were on the runway at Proenza Schouler Fall RTW 2015. So, it’s definitely not something new because fishnets have been around forever and wearing fishnets under jeans are styles I’ve seen before in previous years, however, it’s really gained some traction and I’m here for it. (I regret using that phrase but there really is no other 2017 phrase that will work with this AND I AM HERE FOR IT. Haha, anyway, let’s get into it.


A new thing people have been doing when wearing it under their jeans is letting it peek out over their jeans. Maybe peek isn’t the right word, they’ve been popping out way over the jeans haha. I must admit, I’m not really a fan of the over exposure and I think a more tasteful way of rocking the trend is letting it show through the holes of ripped boyfriend jeans.


photo creds: @caminimm

I, for some reason, however, really like the peek-a-boo look on @caminimm. I can’t see her face but she is a cutie! Anyway, I think it’s because she’s wearing it with black jeans and a black top. It’s a lot less in your face and really works with a dark monochromatic look.

Another way to wear it that looks really cool is as socks. It really takes this traditionally ‘tacky’ piece and makes it really minimal and classy. I don’t think this is a way I would personally wear it either, however, just because I’m a sock person and my feet would be cold!

Fishnets don’t have to just be an accessorizing piece though, they can be the focal point of the outfit! Like these next four looks, fishnets can be paired with oversized sweater, jerseys, and tee shirts for that perfect grungy nineties look. They also don’t have to be on your legs. Many brands are coming out with mesh/fishnet tops that can be paired with leather jackets for the ultimate edgy look.

I’m so glad I’ve kept my fishnet stockings that my mom gave me years ago, even though I didn’t like them then. Last year at H&M, I also purchased a fishnet top that is so bomb, and now I’m really excited to style it for an outfit post! I’ve also styled it in my first fashion video here!

photo via @blancamiro

Now, this lady is going all out with it. Work it!

Haha, I really hope you liked this post. I had so much fun writing it and I did something different this time with the images creating fun graphics, which I really enjoyed doing. Have a great day, and God bless!





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