Oversize Me






Deets: Jacket and Shirt from Zara. Boots from DSW

My last post was on my current favorite look right now; which includes thigh high boots. I got these boots last year but never really got into them until this year. They pair really nicely with oversize shirts because it’s almost like you don’t have to wear pants! Almost. These clothing articles are current closet favorites and have made Zara one of my new favorite stores. I got the opportunity to go to a Zara in person when I went to Hong Kong with The College of Textiles in May and I fell in love with this jacket. I love how oversized it is. Same with the siesta shirt. I wore shorts underneath because it’s too short to really wear it with no pants. The boots were a perfect fall and on trend outfit-completer to the outfit.

I took this photo in November while I was also shooting video footage preparing for a lookbook for my Youtube channel I was planning to start. I feel like as a creative person I get really inspired and excited to do something, but soon I’ll be over it and move on to something else. So, currently, I’m no longer wanting to start a Youtube channel, but I do have some videos that I made in preparation for my channel so I think I’ll still upload them, but not plan on doing a consistent channel as of right now. I think I’ll just upload videos whenever I’m feeling inspired to.  When I wanted to start a channel I really wanted to get a Canon t5i on credit from Ebay, but I had to talk myself out of that impulse because I couldn’t afford it, and now I’m really glad I did because I would’ve been in debt and barely using the camera since I’m not doing Youtube right now. I ended up borrowing a t4i from the library and utilizing the computer labs to edit my videos with Imovie and FinalCutPro. I’m really going to miss these resources when I graduate in May!

Also, it’s Christmas Eve! My winter break is going by way too fast!!




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